Sunday, February 24, 2008

Money and the drive, what would you build

It's a difficult question to answer. Not living thru the period of the motors getting much bigger (inches) would make it hard to start over. But with the motors today and talking about Top Fuel I would probably lean toward High gear only and I would defiantly work on getting the front wheel on the ground a lot sooner. I keep thinking that wheelie bars were put on Dragster and such just in case the front end got in the air and to keep it from flipping over. That usually happened due to lack of horse power or clutch set up wrong. The head set up of today with the injector coming out both sides, man that something I wanted to do years ago but at the time there was no tire to handle that kind of power. Pro-Dragster, I would go injector for sure. I always felt 50% percent of how well your bike runs is riding ability and you could almost dial the bike in with just the tire sizes that are available today. Sitting in the stands at Vegas I was amazed about the Top Fuel bikes that ran, not seeing them in so many years it caught me off gaurd. They would make great Burn Outs and then when the bike dropped back to idle it sounded like it went on one cylinder, then they would stage and when the got the green light and they turned on the throttle it went right back to two cylinder sound, the bike would raise up in the back an get right on the wheelie bars and some almost made to the lights that way. Amazing!!! But it something that I would work real hard on not doing. I don't think I answered your question, but I had fun talking about it.

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