Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brother Hood Race Way

No on the Brother Hood, but Marine Stadium, man that was my Hang out watching the boat races and hands on my girl friend. There was a lagoon close by (can't remember the name) with a diving platform, highest was thirty foot. Always was some great divers there on Satuday night. In the summer time I was there almost every Satuday night, drove my three window 34 Ford coupe there just to show off and pick up girls.
Lions,Irwindale and OCIR man what times, never happen again.
Yeah, I went to Irwindale every Wed. night for fun and testing new stuff, then would make it back Sat. night in the Summer or Sun. in the winter. Then you had those Sat. And Sun. you could make at Lions and don't forget Sat and Sun at Fontana Raceway. I could make 50 runs a week if I wanted to.
What great times.

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