Sunday, February 24, 2008

Missing Pomona Races

You were pretty close about what you said about the Laidlaw thing, I had a great four hours. Of course Bob Laidlaw took care of me, I had the best spot for a booth, and he had it already set up with lights, table and chairs. My Daughter Patti went with me and took quite a few pictures. Right now my good computer is being looked at and as soon as I get it back I will post some of them. I'm using an old Lap Top which is shy of memeoy and drive.
The bad news is the night before I went to Laidlaw's to show off I started getting a sore throat, so there was a lot of trouble answering question and talking, if fact I didn't go to the microphone to talk to the crowd because of it. I took a look at my throat this morning and I've got tonsil problems can you imagine that, at my age. I'm afraid I won't make it to Pomona because of it; I was really looking forward to meeting some special people Saturday.

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