Sunday, February 24, 2008

Las Vegas

Well I finally made it to see the Top Fuel Bikes. I took the trip to Las Vegas to the AHDRA Races. I only got in a Saturday because the darn flu I had put me down again and I couldn’t get back for Sunday, ending up heading home in the middle of the night.

I did get to see the Top Fuel Bikes make runs and I’ll tell you it’s something to watch especially if it’s been as long as it has for me. I also got to see an old friend “Ray Price”. That man’s set up cost more than the house I live in and I believe it’s bigger.
I was really impressed with the AHDRA, very professionally put together and they had a tremendous crowd. I was surprised to see so many colors worn there and how many Biker Clubs there was and I’m sure that’s why so many law enforcement. They were walking in twos, in patrol cars, on Motorcycle and even on horseback. The Saturday I was there every thing went smooth in that department as far as I could see.
I got to see some six second runs and some over 220 MPH, scary is the only way I can put it. Too have to make fast runs like that and most of the way on the wheelie bars. After watching that I was pondering why someone hasn’t designed a bike that would keep the front end on the ground, the cars did it. I don’t know if it’s possible but if I was racing it would be something I would be working on constantly. The men that ride a Top Fuel Bike today has plenty of guts, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t get on one if it was 35 years ago but today you would have to knock me out and tie me on the damn thing.
Mr. Craig Tharpe (AHDRA) took good care of me; I had a free pass at the gate and was allowed to drive any place in the pits I wanted. I really wish I had felt up to power and made it back Sunday but just getting back home was enough of a problem.

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