Sunday, February 24, 2008

I was woundering if you ever get the itch to ride

That's a hard question for me to deal with; Yes and No. When I retired from Drag Racing I had to get clear away from it. It drove me crazy still being in the Motorcycle Industry, but I had to make a living and that’s all I knew how to do well. It broke my heart having to sell my bikes especially the Double, but I had that same problem a lot of us had, Money. I tried a short stretch in the Hi-performance business but I was burned out on building stuff especially for other people. And then there was the feeling that I had reached a point in my riding that the odds were catching up and I began worrying about a last crash to come, as I know some riders might have in the back of there mind especially if they made as many runs down a drag strip as I had. Yes I guess I do think about riding, but it would have to be something I built, that was what made Motorcycle Drag Racing great, you built it, tuned it and rode it. I never could have been just a rider. I used to sit on other bikes in the pits and knew I could never ride that bike, it didn’t fit me. It wasn’t what I would have built and I had a hard time not telling the owner about his bike. I still think about how bad straight handle bars are to me, they keep your elbows in the air which is not a natural precision when sitting on the bike. I always had to have mine bent down slightly so my elbows were folded down tucked in out of the wind. Anyway, if you are thinking about me riding today, I would have to say absolutely not. I haven’t been on any kind of bike in thirty years. I’m way out of shape for that kind of excitement, body and mind. It was even hard for me to sit in the stands at Vegas and not be involved.

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