Saturday, February 23, 2008

Draggin Daddy Ron

Ron Fringer was quite successful long before he rode my double. I knew Ron most of his drag race career. Ron and Sandy his wife was best friend with me and my wife Pat. Ron was a fuel Sportster guy and I ask him to ride my double my last year of racing. I was still contracted to Harley and I didn’t want to ride any longer and Ron jumped at the chance. I ask Ron to ride for me because he was a very good rider and I felt he could do a good job for me in my last year. He did win one race in Ohio and he was the one riding when the double was the first seven second Harley. I had turned 188 at Indy one year; Ron turned a 187 at the old Orange County drag strip when I was showing him the ropes on riding the double. The last year racing was 1977 and Ron Fringer was riding all the year. I lost contact long ago with Ron; I hope he is well and healthy today

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