Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tires coming from M&H

I don’t know if you already do this or not but the first time I did it by accident I went quicker and faster that before.

It was during the time of four inch wide slicks and I was testing tires for M&H and those numbers you mention were some of the compounds they sent me. At the time I was smoking an Avon off the line, High Gear only. I had mounted two different compounds for Saturday night at Irwindale Raceway. One soft and one hard which was softer that the Avon at the time. I had the hard one on and got ready for a run, pulled down the fire up road, came around and staged. Got the light and was a little late with the clutch and the bike bogged off the line and I just left the throttle on and finished the run, sitting on the bike discussed waiting for my wife for toll back and here she comes down the return road with the head lights flashing and the horn blaring.. A normal Avon Tire smoking run was in the neighborhood of 9.25 to 9.40, on that run I ran a 9.04.I spent the next two weeks learning to let the clutch out first and then turn the throttle on afterwards, I killed the motor a few times on the line and I went up in smoke a few times. But I finally got where I could do it every run. It called for great timing and I had to kind of roll the throttle on after I found out how much to give it at first to keep from stalling the motor.

It was a lot of fun learning how to do that and in the end I ran the in between hard/soft, I be darn if I can remember but numbers I remember the most were 325, 250 and it seems there was 280, but I really can’t remember. I also running 26 lbs of air was right for me.

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