Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Big Three


Yes, I recall all of them especially the one with the three on the front cover. That was a day that I will never for get. Those bikes at the time were called the "Big Three" and the pictures were taken at a Studio in Hollywood California. I remember that I wanted to be the last one to show up but I think Russ and TC had the same Idea, as it was we all got there about the same time. The picture shooting was going along OK until we got to the point of the three together and then there was some discussion on who was going to be in the middle. We all three had our reason for who should be there but it turned out to be Russ because his bike was bigger and it looked lopsided when his was on one side or the other. Of course I had the only real legitimate reason to be in the middle. It was the only USA made bike there. HAAAAAAAAA

Anyway, it turned out to be a great day for me to be included with Russ and TC which were really getting hard to beat at the races. There was six Bike Magazines that I has front cover and that is the only one I have, the others seemed to have got lost in the shuffle.

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