Saturday, April 5, 2008

Story from the Past


Your story reminds me of the first night I ran Fuel when Clem Johnson and I were a race team in 1957 and it was at the Old Colton Night Drags. The first race I had that night was against the original "Double Trouble" Twin Engine Triumph. We were in the staging lanes waiting to race and the guy that road it was named Tex, he had a slight limp and while waiting our turn I'm sitting on my bike and he walks up to me (I'm already scare because of running fuel) and looks down at me and says "do you go pretty straight" and I stammer back, most of the time. He's still looking down at me and he says "well look out because I'm all over the strip" and walks away. This really startles me and Clem says "that's OK Joe, after the race he will be limbing on both legs". We beat him so bad that I didn't even see him after the race. On the run I went 138 MPH, 10.80 ET.

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