Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is the first frame I ever built, 1967. It was all one inch, 049 wall 4130 tubing. I built it around the front fork assembly, complete empty motor, empty transmission and rear wheel assembly with the slick on it. Cut the tubes with a hacksaw, bent the tubes with bending pressure after getting it red hot with a torch and tacked it together with a gas welding torch. Put the whole thing in the back of my truck and drove to a heli-arc welder and he welded it as I took it a part. It was real ugly when it was a bare frame.I ran a 102 inch Knucklehead in it with steel cylinders that came from S&S Cycle. It ran a best 158.98 with a 9.44 ET. One weekend I put screen door closers on the front forks to hold the front end up longer to put more weight on the rear tire, I could adjust them to go down slower or faster, it was at the time a good ideal. It did work because I was on a really good run but I had them to tight and the front end stayed extend and I went into a wobble and the bike went through the lights on the left side of the track and my body tumbled through the right side of the track and clocked 142 MPH loosing to the bike.After fixing it this is the guy that bought it, I had put a 102 inch shovel in it and he ran gas with it. He has his new Red Leathers on and ready to go,

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