Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is Nitro good forever

Two Faced,

I never had nitro that lasted very long, I got a 55 gallon drum every year from one of my Sponsors and by the end of the year I was ready for another drum... I do know that in the 60’s the nitro that some of us was buying came from an old Air Force Base some place in Southern California that was stored in underground tanks that went back to P-38 Fighter days in World War ll.

I use to keep a pretty good record of all mixes, how much Alkie and Propylene Oxide was in each one. I wasn’t ever worried too much about the Alkie content but PO evaporated fast and I was always able to use up older mix pretty quick. I used the older mixes on testing and weekend fun runs. If it was a race weekend and I was running a mix the next day that I mixed the day before I always figured the PO was gone and added what the new mix required, always seemed to work. Maybe someone that has Nitro around for a long time can answer your question, if it was Pure Nitro I probably wouldn’t worry about it, if it was a mix because of evaporation I wouldn’t know what it was unless you could analyze it.

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