Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Burt Monroe and Sonny Angel

Here's another great picture from the past, from the picture files of BAZ.

Sonny Angel has a Motorcycle shop in National City, California and has been there since 1953 and sells Motto Guzzi and works on British Motorcycle. His favorite Motorcycle is the Vincent and in 1951 he worked at the Vincent Factory. He’s been going to Bonneville for over 50 years racing his Vincent and Manx Norton's and other British built Motorcycles.

His brother Don is the man who pilots the twin engine S/C Vincent Streamliner at Bonneville last year at 222 MPH using one gear after the gearbox broke. They have an Italian built gearbox for the Vincent when they run Bonneville this year, looking for better luck.
When Burt Monroe came to the USA for Bonneville week he stayed with Sonny, they were good friends.

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